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Bird damage

While inspecting a home in Johnstown yesterday it was noted that the soffit and fascia were loose in areas of the homes exterior leaving openings for birds, bats and critters to gain access. When I got into the attic I was rather surprised at the amount of bird droppings. It was quite extensive, and should be cleaned up as bird and rodent droppings can be a health hazard. I took pictures and detailed the information for my client in the report.

Attic bathroom vent and wiring

Take a look at what we found in the attic. The bathroom ventilation system was terminated in the attic. This adds moisture to the attic, which in turn is conducive to wood destroying organisms and insects. Also, as you can see from the picture, the wiring is a disaster waiting to happen. This condition is found quite frequently in attics, as many feel that it is "out of site, out of mind". Sure, no one sees it and years down the road the attic is full of mold, or the house burns down from an electrical fire.